Sola Skincare was created when we noticed a need for honest, safe and pure skincare.

Our focus is on using high-quality plant-based oils and essential oils, along with food-grade ingredients, to make products that are both highly effective and honestly natural. We infuse oils with Chinese herbs, which have been used for centuries, to repair damage caused by the sun and pollution, maintain moisture and enhance the skin. All of our products have been tested on willing two-legged humans, none on animals – we don’t believe in doing that.

Our products are all free from preservatives and chemicals.

Our emphasis is on transparency, safe ingredients and purity.

Who we are:

We are Christine and Eran – hello!  We are a family-run business and we make our products in small batches, paying great attention to detail.

We are parents to two lovely girls, Sophie and Lila.  Christine is a teacher, a researcher, a sewer, a quilter, a baker and a wannabe homesteader.  Eran is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a translator, a yoga devotee, a musician and a lover of the Chinese Language.

With Eran’s extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine, many of our products are enhanced with Chinese herbs that best compliment and balance the skin.  Read more about Chinese Medicine and Skin Care here.

If you have any questions or inquiries about our products, or about what we do, please send us an e-mail at info [at] solaskincare.ca or visit our Facebook page.